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Red Cardinal Rosary Bracelet with Miraculous, Mary, Medal white agate bracelet


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    To even imagine the loss of a child, be it miscarriage or at any age beyond the womb, brings about an unimaginable pit in my stomach. I have known too many couples who have lost a child. Some speak openly about the pain and others find themselves behind a closed door not knowing how to move on in life.

    When I started this venture, I wanted to create jewelry that could bring comfort and joy. This is something I do not take lightly so I thought about children and their innocence, their pure heart, their clean soul... and so white would certainly be the jumping point. Then a red cardinal as a sign of a loved one for so many looking for signs of comfort after a loss. Then of course, {To Jesus through Mary}. So finally sweet Mama Mary was added as a reminder that She said yes to God and then She lost her only Son and remained steadfast and faithful through it all.

    Maybe just maybe on a hard day when that sting hits these mammas hearts suddenly, that they can look down and find comfort through Her and draw nearer to Him✨