Vierge Marie Collection

Virgin Mary enameled necklace on toggle clasp


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    Handmade and hand poured by cloistered monks and nuns in their prayer time.

    This listing is for ONE necklace. Please indicate color when checking out.

    White 3 available


    Blue 1 available

    These medals are not in wide stock due to the artistry and time it takes to make just one.

    “The artwork of the monks and sisters is not only a means for each monastery to earn its daily bread, but it is also a service of the Church. This Christian art is meant to be an expression of faith, an unveiling of the Mystery of God, who is Beauty and Goodness. Man is called to enter into this Mystery. Far from interrupting prayer, this work, which is often laborious and tiring, purifies the heart and intensifies union with God and communion with the men and women of the entire world who work in order to feed their family. These objects of art sing of the Invisible. They fulfill their purpose if those who contemplate them are carried beyond themselves in the silence of adoration.” ✨