BeeStill Design “All Things Handmade and Prayed over with Love”

Holly Block Klock is a native to Lafayette, LA. She graduated Louisiana State University with bachelor of fashion apparel, design and merchandising and a minor in business. She worked in retail for 7 years which started as an assistant to a jewelry designer and lead to merchandising and buying for several boutiques.

After getting married and having 3 children, the journey took her down a very different path in dentistry for over 8 years. During that time she always yearned to go back to what she truly loved to do but in the meantime, she made things as gifts. In 2010 she joined Theresians International in the Live Oak District. As a Theresian, she grew in her faith even more than she ever had and in 2017, she hesitantly agreed to mentor a new group forming. During a meeting, she spoke on vocation. Vocation come from the Latin word "vocare" which means "to call". It felt like a wave went over her on that day during that meeting. She knew without a shadow of a doubt it was time to listen to the call. She took a leap of faith, trusting in God's call, resigned from her job and went right into creating unique jewelry with different religious medals, mostly rare antique medals sourced worldwide.

Lovingly referred to as “Holly Bee” by friends and “Bee Bee” by her nieces, she chose to play on words with her favorite quote, “Be Still, and know that I am God”(Psalm 46:10) and name her business BeeStill. In addition, there is a lot of religious symbolism between the Honey Bee and Jesus. She found it appropriate to not only personalize the business but to incorporate so much meaning behind everything that is done. For instance, quatrefoils are used in most designs. Quatrefoils were used in ancient Christian art and architecture to represent the 4 evangelists—Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. BeeStill is more than just jewelry. It is meaningful pieces that educate and inspire.

She believes our sweet Mary and all the Saints and Angels have the ability to intercede for us to God in such a powerful way, that miracles can happen. All of BeeStill's jewelry is prayed over with love. Holly's prayer is that all the pieces of jewelry can bring peace, comfort, and hope to all who wear it.